May25 , 2024

When Disaster Strikes: How Aerial Lift Rentals Can Aid in Hurricane Preparedness


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Hurricanes are a force to be reckoned with. With high winds, torrential rain, and potential storm surges, these powerful storms can leave a path of destruction. While complete prevention is impossible, preparation is key to minimizing damage and ensuring a quicker recovery. This is where aerial lift rental services can play a crucial role in hurricane preparedness.

Pre-Hurricane Preparations:

  • Roof Inspections: One of the most critical aspects of hurricane readiness is ensuring your roof is in top shape. Aerial lifts, particularly scissor lifts, provide a safe and efficient platform for roof inspections. Property managers, homeowners, and businesses can utilize these lifts to access even the highest points of the roof for a thorough check. Missing shingles, loose flashing, or potential weak points can be identified and addressed before the storm hits.
  • Window Securing: High winds can easily turn loose objects into dangerous projectiles. Window boarding is a common practice to protect windows from flying debris. Boom lifts, with their extended reach, allow crews to safely board up high windows on multi-story buildings, schools, and commercial structures.
  • Tree Trimming and Removal: Dead or overhanging branches pose a significant threat during hurricanes. Aerial lifts offer a safe and controlled way for arborists to reach high branches for trimming or complete removal. This reduces the risk of falling trees causing damage to property or power lines.
  • Storm Drain Clearing: Clogged storm drains can lead to flooding during heavy rain. Scissor lifts allow crews to access and clear debris from storm drains on rooftops or in low-lying areas. This ensures proper water flow and helps prevent flooding.

Post-Hurricane Recovery:

The aftermath of a hurricane can be chaotic. Aerial lifts continue to be valuable tools during recovery efforts:

  • Damage Assessment: Once the storm has passed, a comprehensive assessment of the damage is crucial. Boom lifts provide a safe way for inspectors to reach damaged areas on buildings, power lines, and communication towers, allowing for a quicker start to repairs.
  • Debris Removal: Hurricanes often leave behind a trail of debris scattered across rooftops and power lines. Scissor lifts offer a stable platform for crews to safely remove fallen branches, roofing materials, and other debris, facilitating faster cleanup efforts.
  • Power Line Restoration: Downed power lines pose a serious safety hazard and can significantly hinder recovery efforts. Boom lifts with insulated platforms allow utility crews to safely access and repair damaged power lines, restoring electricity to homes and businesses.

Advantages of Aerial Lift Rentals:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Purchasing an aerial lift for occasional hurricane preparedness is often impractical. Renting allows access to this specialized equipment only when needed, saving on storage and maintenance costs.
  • Variety of Options: Rental companies offer a wide range of aerial lifts, including scissor lifts, boom lifts, and articulated lifts. Each type has its own advantages, allowing you to choose the right lift for the specific task.
  • Safety and Training: Most rental companies provide safety training on operating the equipment. Additionally, the lifts themselves come equipped with safety features to minimize risks during operation.


Hurricanes are a harsh reality for many coastal regions. While these storms can be devastating, planning and preparation significantly reduce their impact. Aerial lift rentals offer a valuable solution for both pre-hurricane preparation and post-hurricane recovery. By ensuring your roof is secure, windows are boarded up, and potential hazards are addressed beforehand, you can minimize damage and expedite the recovery process. Additionally, aerial lifts play a vital role in debris removal, power line restoration, and damage assessments after the storm has passed. By incorporating aerial lift rentals into your hurricane preparedness plan, you can better safeguard your property and contribute to a swifter community recovery.