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Prestige and Practice – The Hunter College School of Nursing


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The Hunter College School of Nursing is one of the highly esteemed units (with the Hunter- Bellevue School of Health Sciences) of the Hunter College’ Schools of the Health Professions. Formerly, toyoulbook.com the nursing school was called Hunter College School of Nursing until the name changed into Hunter- Bellevue School of Nursing.

The Hunter College School of Nursing started in the year 1943 as the Hunter College, New York added a nursing program in their course offerings. It then evolved into a 4-year collegiate program giving it the name  writetruly.comHunter College Program in Nursing. The nursing program however closed in 1969, until it became re-absorbed as the new Hunter- Bellevue School of Nursing based at the Brookdale Campus. The Hunter- (Bellevue) College School of Nursing has then been offering both undergraduate and graduate nursing programs.

The Undergraduate Programs of the Hunter- (Bellevue) College School of Nursing comprise of the generic nursing course as well as the registered nursing prep programs. After the student’s completion of the Lower Division Nursing courses and the Hunter College Distribution Requirements, he then advances to a junior admission. The Hunter- (Bellevue) College School of Nursing awards the Bachelor of Science in Nursing only after the student has undergone all requirements of the undergrad course which is a rich combination of the sciences and the arts contentwritinglab.com. After which, he becomes qualified for the Hunter- (Bellevue) College School of Nursing MS and MPH degree Graduate Programs.

The Hunter- (Bellevue) College School of Nursing Graduate Programs are the advanced education curriculum following the Baccalaureate BS Nursing course. It molds the individual’s ultimate excellence in the nursing profession both academically and practically. Offering 9 specializations, as well as a subspecialty in nursing HIV/AIDS patients, the Hunter- Bellevue Graduate School of Nursing places its focus both on theory-based practice and research utilization.

As the Hunter- (Bellevue) College School of Nursing MS and MPH have been prepared to assume leadership positions and trained to make significant contributions to the quality of health care and the advancement of nursing as advanced-practice in primary care, thetoplearner.com clinical specialty, or administration, the graduates immediately assume significant positions in hospitals, community agencies, health care organizations, and faculty schools of nursing, while some also serve as editors, consultants and community political health activists.

Being a proud Alpha Phi Chapter of the sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nurisng and CCNE accredited, the Hunter- (Bellevue) College School of Nursing is a prestigious school making major contributions to the health care profession in the United States and serving professional nursing throughout the world.