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Essential Guide to Assignment and CV Writing


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Whether it is assignment or CV writing, there are specific guidelines or instructions that you need to strictly follow to ensure that your content is developed as per expected standards. Academic writing, or assignment writing, aims to inform students of the knowledge necessary for their future careers. The writing is highly formal because it is crucial to present arguments clearly and accurately. Choosing the appropriate tone for your writing is another essential aspect of academic writing. Regarding CV writing, the typical employer will glance at a resume for no more than eight seconds. This implies that you have eight seconds to catch their interest! It’s strongly advised to know how to build an effective CV because the job market is becoming more unstable. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the things you must do and avoid when making a CV or preparing an assignment.

Do’s and Don’ts in CV Writing

Things To Do:

  • Showcasing your most current and relevant experience: According to CV Writing Help Dubai experts, you should submit a separate, position-specific version of your resume for every job you apply for. After all, your profile must highlight your accomplishments, experience, and industry-specific expertise to help you land a job.
  • Optimizing your profile for ATS: Applicant tracking systems, or ATS, examine your resume for relevant phrases and keywords and assign a numerical score based on relevancy. This technique allows just the most qualified resumes to be reviewed, emphasizing human inspection.
  • Incorporating soft skills: The quantifiable accomplishment technique is useful for soft skills. Describing a skill the hiring manager is searching for in each bullet item is necessary.
  • Including successes or achievements: Your CV should include any activities you’ve participated in that highlight your areas of expertise and the results you generated.
  • Using strong verbs: The terms “handled,” “assisted,” and “supported,” which are used far too often, should be avoided in favor of verbs like “maximized,” “consolidated,” “spearheaded,” and “directed.” You’ll sound more assured and capable as a result.

Things to Avoid:

  • Avoid listing unpleasant, irrelevant, or random hobbies.
  • Don’t attempt to include everything.
  • Avoid trying to cover up gaps
  • Avoid using clichés or jargon.
  • Each bullet should include no more than three lines.
  • Avoid including anything that can lead to discrimination against you and avoid using derogatory language.

Do’s and Don’ts in Assignment Writing

Things to Do:

  • Write in a “plain” manner: Don’t use flowery words at all! You can discard your thesaurus as well! Your genuine thoughts are of greater importance to the professors than your writing style.
  • Make use of active voices: Excessive use of the passive voice might make your sentences extremely convoluted and boring. Make your verbs work for you and your true thoughts by employing simple, clutter-free sentences!
  • Compose with objectivity: The essence of academic writing is objectivity; it is rational, impersonal, factual, and exact. Therefore, you must maintain objectivity when presenting factual information in order to prevent data distortion.
  • Change the way you phrase things: If every sentence is the same, readers will get bored and fatigued. Let me tell you, it’s quite dull and uninteresting to construct long sentences and use the same sentence structure for multiple sentences. Comparably, employing too few sentences breaks the essay’s cohesive structure, while utilizing too many clauses overcomplicates the material being provided.
  • Get a second set of eyes to review your work: It’s very likely that you have missed faults you’ve committed because, even after you’ve verified, they could appear to be fine. For logical and unbiased criticism that you can use to improve your writing, you must seek help from PhD Research Paper writing help in UAE.

Things to Avoid:

  • Never use slang terms.
  • Steer clear of improper typefaces and styles.
  • Avoid using arbitrary logic.
  • Avoid going above the word limit.
  • Avoid using contractions.
  • Steer clear of overusing “scholarly” terms.